Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner Models and Our Reviews

Rug Doctor Carpet CleanersIf you ever rented (or even considered to rent) a carpet cleaning machine, it’s more than likely that you are already aware of the Rug Doctor brand. One of the best popular brands in the United States, Rug Doctor is the first choice of many consumers and homeowners when it comes to rental machines. It is no surprise, since the brand practically invented the cleaner rental business model almost half a century ago, and to this day they are successfully implementing this business model.

The good news is that the brand does not only offer rental cleaners, but also offers three very successful home carpet shampooers that provide cleaning power up to par with commercial grade machines. Their machines constantly receive high ratings from both users and review sites like ours, and most of the brand’s users are extremely happy with their machines.

The brand’s three models cater to somewhat different needs, but they all offer the most advanced features and first rate cleaning power in their own classes.

: As one of the brand’s well-known and appreciated models, the Mighty Pro X3 offers professional-grade cleaning (which was also approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute who gave the cleaner their “Highest Rating” for dirt removal and water suction). The X3 is a truly mighty machine with a 3.9 gallon tank and offers everything you would need from a cutting-edge cleaner.

Rug Doctor Deep Cleaning Machine: This is the brand’s upright cleaner model which is highly appreciated by users around the country. With a powerful suction (the brand advertises 75% more suction than comparable upright models), dual cross action brushes and super boost spray, this deep cleaner is definitely worth considering.

Portable Spot Cleaner: As we said before, all models from the brand cater to different needs, and this portable cleaner is suitable if you need a compact machine that can quickly take care of stains without having to bring out and fire up a full size cleaner. With powerful suction, motorized oscillating brush, and ultimate portabiltiy with a retractable handle and convenient wheels, this little machine can help you get rid of any stains in no time.

Our Rug Doctor Reviews

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