Hoover Carpet Cleaners and their Advanced Features

Hoover Carpet Cleaner ModelsHoover is a reputable brand best known for their high quality vacuum and carpet cleaner models. Founded in 1907 by Murray Spangler, and later acquired by W. H. Hoover (who also retained Spangler as a partner), the company has been introducing innovative products for over a century.

Today, as a part of TTI Floor Care, the brand continues to offer cutting-edge floor cleaners with a lot of advanced features.

Some of these advanced features that you can find in almost any Hoover carpet cleaner we have reviewed on this site include:

  • Auto Rinse: This is a very convenient feature that allows carpet washers to clean the carpet by spraying water and detergent on forward strokes and then sucking the water back up during backwards strokes.
  • Clean Surge control: If you are dealing with hard stains, you will find this feature very convenient as it gives you the ability to apply extra cleaning solution to clear such tough stains.
  • Dirt Finder: Some of the most advanced Hoover cleaner models are equipped with the Embedded Dirt indicator that will show you if the cleaner is actually removing dirt from your carpets. When the indicator light turns green, it means that the carpet is actually cleaned and you don’t need to spend any more time working on that spot. We believe this is one of the best features that can effectively cut the time you would spend cleaning carpets in half.
  • Dual Tanks: Almost all Hoover models currently available on the market have separate tanks for clean water/cleaning solutions and dirty water. This makes it easy to empty and refill the tanks (also making the separate tanks lighter than a two in one tank that would contain both clean and dirty water.
  • Dual V Nozzle: One of Hoover’s special technologies that make sure that carpets dry much faster than other brands/models. This feature provides a focused air flow for greater suction power, which in turn dries the carpets faster than they normally would.
  • Spot Cleaning: Some Hoover models are equipped with built-in spot cleaning feature which has two settings: stream and spray. The former is used for small spots, while the latter is for larger areas with a lot of traffic.
  • Max Extract®: This is another signature feature from Hoover that offers almost a professional-grade cleaning. It consists of a multitude of features including dirt removal through multi-directional brushes and dual scrubbing and drying with directed heat.
  • Solution Control Dial: Hoover models that are equipped with this control make it easy to apply extra detergent if you have particularly dirty carpets/stains that need to be cleaned. This is a convenient feature that makes it as effortless and streamlined as possible to clean such tough stains.
  • Spin Scrub: And last but not least, Hoover’s special counter-rotating brush technology, Spin Scrub, provides thorough cleaning by washing and cleaning every fiber of your carpet from all angles.

Our Hoover Carpet Washer Reviews

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