Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain

Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain
Carpets accumulate dirt from anything – adult shoes that walk over it to pets who bring all kinds of things in from outside. Unclean carpets can be the biggest collection of unhealthy germs in the house. Cleaning your carpet can be a simple task without needing to hire an expensive cleaner every time you need to clean. You no longer have to bother about kids spilling stuff or the pet hair left behind all over. If you are looking to clean your carpets at home then the Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Cleaner is the cleaner for you.



  • Multipurpose: The Dual V All Terrain is a multi-purpose cleaner which works on carpets as well as hard-surfaces
  • Constant suction across the entire nozzle: The Dual V Nozzle technology ensure that the suction remains even at any point across the wide path of the 13 inch nozzle
  • 3-Speed scrubbing: This cleaner can be used on 3 speeds – Power scrub, gentle and spill pick-up depending upon the type of cleaning required
  • Heated Cleaning: Heated cleaning helps clean your carpets better
  • Accessories which are included in the box: 8 foot hose, 20 foot power-cord, an upholstery too, a hard floor squeegee, a SpinScrub attachment (that helps clean in all directions)
  • Capacity: Dual V has a tank capacity of 1 gallon
  • Powerful 12 amp motor: The powerful motor helps clean your carpet better and helps it dry faster too



  • Versatile: As it works on various surfaces and not just on carpets, it is a handy device that can be used to clean all around the house including upholstery and floors such as those made of tiles and sealed hardwoods
  • Power Suction: The powerful suction takes out the water from the carpets quickly leaving your carpet dry in a very short period of time, better than those currently available
  • Cleans across a wide surface evenly: The even suction throughout the nozzle means that the nozzle cleans uniformly across its entire width. This reduces the number of times the machine is required to pass over an area to clean it well, hence reducing the effort in cleaning the house
  • Simple to use: Effortless load clean water into the tank and remove dirty water from the tank provided for each purpose separately
  • Different speed settings: The 3-speed scrubbing-setting means that the cleaner can be used to clean any surface from a gentle clean to a hard wash or even if there is a spill on the carpet. The spill pick up mode is especially useful to clean up quickly before the spill causes permanent stains
  • The ‘SpinScrub’ technology ensures that carpet fibers are cleaned from all sides. The brushes spin at 360-degree angles, ensuring cleaning from all angles



  • Quality of the material of the water tanks: The quality of the material used for the water tanks is not very sturdy and may develop leaks over time. In case this happens, then the water tank needs to be replaced



If you are looking to buy a decent, multi-terrain, powerful, quick drying, carpet cleaner to help keep your carpets dust free and spotless, then the Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Cleaner is the cleaner for you. However, as it comes with a rather hefty price tag, you may also want to check out the before making a decision. We especially recommend that you consider Power Scrub by Hoover.

Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain
83.8 Overall
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Cleaning Power85
Fast Drying80

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