Hoover Max Extract 60

Hoover Max Extract 60 review
Hoover Max Extract 60 is one of the most popular carpet cleaner models on the market, and our tests somewhat justify the popularity of the model. Although it has a few drawbacks like its weight, the lack of auto-rinsing and a short power cord, MaxExtract 60 also has a lot of good features including good cleaning power, very fast drying thanks to forced air heating and the DualV Nozzle technology.



  • Fast drying thanks to the DualV Nozzle Technology that pulls up more dirty water and the heated cleaning system
  • Easily removes hard stains with the pressurized edge to edge cleaning system
  • 60 counter rotating brushes for better cleaning
  • Smart Tanks System with separate tanks (one for detergent and clean water and one for dirty water)
  • Upholstery tool (with no rotating brushes)



  • Good suction power allows carpets to dry faster than most models. In most cases, you can expect your carpets to be almost completely dry within 3 to 4 hours
  • Max Extract 60 has a wide cleaning area which allows covering more ground with fewer passes; this is a real time-saver, and has an indirect benefit considering the fact that the machine is heavy and not very easy to push and pull
  • The dual smart tanks are well designed and allow precision especially when addition cleaning solutions
  • Very decent cleaning power – albeit it is an older model in comparison to most decent machines currently sold on the market, this model is actually quite good in removing stains and cleaning heavy traffic areas
  • Easy to clean and maintain; this is important since you wouldn’t want high maintenance machines that require constant attention. Cleaning your carpets with your own machine rather than hiring professionals is already an effort, and there is no need to further complicate things with a cleaning machine that requires extra effort to clean and maintain.
  • It may sound strange, but we have found the permanently attached hose to be better than detachable ones since most of those models break at some point, causing water to leak from the machine.



  • One of the biggest problems with MaxExtract 60 is its weight. It is quite heavy and frankly very hard to push (especially if you have back problems). If you are looking for a lightweight machine, we suggest you look at other models.
  • The machine doesn’t have an auto-rinse mode. You need to actually turn a dial to enable rinsing mode. Most new machines do this automatically (as in cleaning when pushed and rinsing when pulled). You may want to check out from Hoover if you want automatic rinsing.
  • MaxExtract 60 consumes quite a lot of solution in the cleaning mode, and unless you are using a home-made solution or a cheap alternative, the amount you pay for the cleaning solutions may add up rather quickly.



In general, Max Extract 60 is a decent carpet cleaner that does what it’s supposed to do. It cleans the carpets, dries them in a very short time, and provides most features you would expect from such a machine. With that said though, there are definitely better models available on the market. You can if you simply want a better machine.  

Hoover Max Extract 60
81.3 Overall
Check current priceon Amazon
Cleaning Power80
Fast Drying80

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