Bissell Proheat 2X

Bissell Proheat 2X Review
Bissell Proheat 2X Premier 47AN3 is an efficient and affordable carpet cleaner that offers ultimate functionality with ease of use and maintenance. You can expect thorough and deep cleaning with advanced features offered by Bissell including 10 rows of dirt lifter brushes, the Surround Suction system, stair and upholstery tool, patented Heatwave Technology and Bissell’s special beater bar. It would not be an outrageous claim to say that Bissell Proheat 2X is on par with most of the best carpet cleaner models we have reviewed and rated . It is an affordable alternative, especially if you have pets and need more than hiring professional carpet cleaners once or twice a year.



  • Special, large capacity two in one tank – the dirty water compartment is wrapped around the clean water/detergent bladder
  • Bissell’s Heatwave Technology® keeps the water in a constant temperature to speed up the process and to make cleaning fast and thorough
  • Proheat removes dirt from your carpets using 10 rows of dual rotating powerbrushes
  • Upholstery and stair tool and hose
  • Fast drying thanks to the Surround Suction® technology



  • It does the job wonderfully – really, this could be the only pro we’d actually need to mention – the beater brush is quite unique and provides thorough and deep cleaning
  • Easy to assemble, use and maintain; most users state that they didn’t even need to read the instructions to assembly the cleaner, and we agree that it was a breeze to set up and use
  • Single tank system keeps the overall weight low; it also makes it easier to empty the dirty water
  • The machine is taller than most older models, which means you can cover more ground with a single sweep, effectively shortening the time you need to clean your carpets
  • Carpets dry quite fast after cleaning with Proheat; drying usually takes about 8 hours, and you can further speed the process up using a fan



  • No settings for rinsing – if you want to rinse your carpets, you need to empty the tanks and fill again with clean water if you want to rinse
  • Single tank design may be unconventional for people who are used to double tanks (one for clean water/solution and one for dirty water), but overall we found it more of a positive development than a setback. However, if you would prefer a dual tank cleaner, you may consider another highly rated carpet cleaner: .
  • Although assembly is simple and straightforward, the upper hose screw is a bit awkward and requires extra effort to be fixed
  • Some users complain about the carpet cleaner leaving dust bunnies, but our experience is that this is usually the result of not vacuuming the carpets thoroughly before cleaning (or using a vacuum which is simply not powerful enough)



All things considered, we believe Bissell Proheat 2X 47A23 Premier full-size carpet cleaner to be a very decent machine that offers deep cleaning with an easy to use setup. In addition to offering pretty much every function you would expect from a decent carpet cleaner, Proheat does a very good job in removing even old and hard stains from carpets and making them look shiny and fluffy. Granted, it won’t make your carpets completely new, but it’s like the next best thing. Definitely one of the recommended models.  

Bissell Proheat 2X
90 Overall
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Cleaning Power95
Fast Drying90

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