Bissell Little Green

Bissell Little Green Machine Review
Bissell Little Green Machine is a popular model preferred by homeowners who want a spot cleaner with a very affordable price tag. Although it has a few drawbacks (some of which are admittedly caused by user errors rather than actual problems with the machine), it is still a very good spot cleaner that provides good value for the money. Its features are on par with all the other spot cleaners we have reviewed , and the low price is a real attraction. In addition, being a lightweight and portable unit, it can be a great help especially in emergencies like spills or pet messes.



  • Compact and lightweight (weighs only about 12 lbs)
  • Powerful 3 amp motor that offers strong spray and suction
  • Two separate tanks for clean and dirty water (tank size is 48 oz.)
  • 3 inch cleaning path
  • Most of the machine is made from recycled plastic and tanks and hose do not contain PVC
  • 15 feet power cord, tough stain brush
  • 1 year limited warranty



  • The Little Green does a very good job in removing most hard stains including pet urine
  • In addition to be a spot cleaner, it’s also a deep cleaner, so you can use it as a regular carpet cleaner to some extent (of course, if you constantly need to clean big carpets, you would be better off with his bigger brother, the Big Green – you can read our review for Big Green )
  • A multi-purpose cleaner that can be used on upholstery and stairs in addition to carpets
  • Good suction power for its size – the spots will be dried within a few hours
  • It’s very easy to assemble and maintain
  • Tanks are well designed and very easy to fill and empty



  • One of the common complaints many users have is the wide spray. If you have other objects within 1 ft. and you keep the little green a little high from the ground, the spray will actually wet those objects, causing unwanted accidents. So, if you are going to purchase this machine, make sure that you place it as close to the spot/carpet as possible to prevent accidental sprays.
  • The dirty water tank is hard to clean since the only point of access is the pour spout.
  • More than a few users also complained that the Little Green consumes too much cleaning solution. However, we believe that this is mostly due to user errors since the machine dispenses solution only as long as you press the spray button. So, if you just spray for a few seconds (that is all it takes for a thorough cleaning) and then let go of the spray button, the machine won’t consume any more solution than necessary.



We believe that for the price it is currently sold for, Bissell Little Green machine is definitely worth the investment. It’s easy to use and store, and can help remove most stains right on the spot and save the day. As long as you read the instructions and use the machine accordingly, we believe you won’t encounter any of the problems we have mentioned above.  

Bissell Little Green
88.8 Overall
Check current priceon Amazon
Cleaning Power85
Fast Drying90

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