BISSELL DeepClean Essential

BISSELL DeepClean Essential
The BISSELL DeepClean Essential FullSized Carpet Cleaner is a decent rug cleaner. It removes embedded dirt, stains and odors from your carpet that an ordinary vacuum will not remove. It is a very well-priced product and is very useful within any home. It works by putting high pressured water and Detergent onto the surface, it then scrubs it to release the dirt and it then sucks up the dirt, leaving your surface looking almost brand new.


  • Heatwave Technology, this gives a constant water temperature of the water throughout the entire cleaning process
  • Has a large capacity tank, which means it doesn’t need to be emptied as often as other Carpet Cleaners need to
  • EdgeSweep Brushes which help when cleaning around the edges of walls and furniture, to make sure you clean those hard-to-reach areas
  • Comes with hand-held tools to help clean your stairs easily, and to the same standard as when cleaning a carpet
  • A weight of around 26lbs



  • It has a built-in, two-in-one tank system, which keeps the clean and dirty water seperate, and it is also very large which saves you time as you don’t have to keep constantly removing the dirty water
  • The DirtLifter PowerBrush and a pressurized spray gently loosen and lift dirt from your carpets without causing any damage
  • It also very lightweight, at 26lbs, when compared to other similar products available for you to purchase
  • Comes with an 8oz trial version of BISSELL DeepClean & Refresh, as well as a Febreze Freshness Formula to help get you started



  • It does not come ready made, you have to assemble it together yourself, however this is not very difficult, and the instructions are easy to follow
  • There is also no indicator to tell you when the tank is full and needs to be emptied, which is a major downside, as it can leave you puzzled for a few moments as to why it isn’t picking up the dirt removed from your carpet



Overall, this is a very decent product that has a number of good features such as the Heatwave Technology and the EdgeSweep Brushes, and it is priced at a very low and appealing price, when compared to . Although there is a bit of a problem with it not having an indicator to tell you when it is full, if you keep checking on when it is nearly full, then you should be fine. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a fairly-priced, well-made product with which to do some deep carpet cleaning within their home. But if you are ultimately looking for a better model, do not decide before checking out the or (which is much better than both models but also a bit costly).

BISSELL DeepClean Essential
85 Overall
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Cleaning Power85
Fast Drying85

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