BISSELL Deep Clean Premier Pet

Bissell Deep Clean Premier Pet
As you can probably guess the BISSELL Deep Clean Premier Pet Full Sized Carpet Cleaner is designed to remove unwanted dirt, hairs and odors from within your home caused by pets. It works by spraying high pressured water onto the chosen surface. It then uses its Scrubbing Technology to remove the dirt and hairs from within the surface, which it then sucks up along with the water, whilst leaving your chosen surface clean and dry, making it feel and look almost brand new.



  • Heatwave Technology helps maintain consistent water temperature throughout the entire cleaning process.
  • The Deep Reach Pet Tool cleans your carpets to remove all of your embedded pet stains.
  • It has Dual Power Brushes with 12 cleaning rows which pull deep dirt out of your carpet, and leaving it feeling like new.
  • It also has a large 1.25 two-in-one tank system so that it doesn’t need to be emptied lots of times, and the dirty water doesn’t get mixed in with the clean water.
  • It has a weight of around 28lbs.



  • It has a built-in Pet Hair Basket which trap all the hairs for an easy way to dispose of the hair and debris.
  • It also not only removes pet-stains, but it also removes odors in your carpets as well, leaving them feeling and smelling fresh.
  • It also includes a trial size bottle of Pet Stain & Odor Formula to help get you started, when you purchase this product.
  • The tank also has a unique feature in which it has a fill line, so that you know exactly how much water to put into it.



  • It can also be quite heavy to push around whilst in use, as unlike a vacuum cleaner it isn’t self-propelled, which makes it very difficult.
  • It can also be very difficult to get the water into the tank as there is only a small hole on the top of the tank, in which to pour the water into, this can result in you spilling the water and wasting your time by having to clean up the spilled water.



Overall, this is ideal for anyone who has pets roaming round there home, as it removes all embedded stains and odors, as well as collecting all the hairs produced from your pet. I would also highly recommend this, as although it has a slight disadvantage regarding the hole to pour the water into, it is very cheaply priced compared to others, especially seen as though there is nothing hugely wrong with this Carpet Shampooer, and it is very well made, and made to last. However, if you are looking for an even better model, you can to see the different models that actually got higher ratings than this one.

Bissell Deep Clean Premier Pet
86.3 Overall
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Cleaning Power90
Fast Drying85

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