Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaner

The BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is the number one best-selling cleaning machine available. What makes it so good is that it cleans better and dries faster than the leading rental carpet cleaner. This Deep Cleaning Machine works by putting pressured water onto the surface which it then scrubs with the Rotating DirtLifter Power Brushes, this helps remove the dirt and stains from the surface. Then the dirt removed is sucked up and completely removed. This product is great for anyone looking to do some Deep Carpet Cleaning within their home, and it is a great alternative to hiring professional carpet cleaners to clean it for you.



  • Rotating DirtLifter Power Brushes provide even more dirt removing power to meet all your needs.
  • It helps to remove all stains and spots within your carpets.
  • Comes with a long reach hose and a tough stain tool, making it easier to clean stairs and those hard-to-reach areas.
  • Has a large capacity two-in-one dirty and clean water tank, which makes it easier and quicker to empty.
  • Has a weight of around 55lbs.



  • It has a flow indicator which monitors the water and solution levels to make sure there is enough detergent in the water, and to notify you when it needs to be emptied.
  • It has an adjustable tank handle, so that it can change to the best suitable height for yourself.
  • Has a large capacity tank which saves you time whilst cleaning, as it doesn’t need to be constantly emptied.
  • It also comes with a 9-foot hose and 6-inch stair tool to clean upholstery and those hard-to-reach areas, making sure your home is spotless.



  • It is a lot heavier than other similar products, which is a major downside, it is almost twice as heavy as some other Carpet Cleaners available.
  • It is also a lot more expensive than other Carpet Cleaners are.
  • It also doesn’t clean any other surfaces than carpets, whereas some other Cleaners can clean laminate flooring and tiles.



Overall, you can understand why this is the number one best-selling carpet shampooer, pretty much everything is perfect with it other than its weight. It has a lot of good features that don’t have, such as the flow indicator to tell you when there isn’t enough detergent in it to clean your Carpets properly. If the weight of this product will not be a problem, and you are willing to pay more for a better quality product than I would highly recommend that you purchase this product, as it is the best all-round machine on the market.

Bissell Big Green
95 Overall
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Cleaning Power95
Fast Drying95

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